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Women & Heart Attacks

Another new study, this one in the Journal of the American Medical Association, confirms the benefits of taking aspirin. It finds that lowering the dose to just a baby aspirin every day can provide the same benefit for your heart without the increased risk of stomach bleeding, which can be a side effect of too much aspirin.

Meanwhile, a study from Yale sends up a red flag for young women. Researchers there say that young women are not recognizing the signs of a heart attack. So when the clues come, they are putting themselves at risk for a worse outcome than in older women. The study says that while 90 percent admitted to someone that they were having chest pain only half of those went to the hospital within the first hour of their symptoms. 

Aside from chest pain, some other clues that women have shared after suffering a heart attack include:

*Pain in the jaw & shoulder
*Shortness of breath
* Weakness 
* Fatigue

 Experts say heart attacks can come at any age and the symptoms should not be ignored.

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