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Consider This... Alternate Sites for Visitor's Center

Last week I told you why I think spending big money on a visitor's center for Lubbock was bad idea.

I think using hotel/motel tax money to offset more needed projects makes more sense.  Needed projects like girls softball fields, a multi-purpose arena, or advertising to attract people to Lubbock, not a visitor's center for people already here.

The Lubbock Convention and Visitor's Bureau's own research said outdoor sports are the best return on investment, yet this girls softball field goes unbuilt and I am told the money for this project will come from the general fund and we're moving ahead with a visitor's center using hotel/motel tax?

But I also said there is a way we could have both and still do right by the taxpayers.

That brings me here. Did you know this vacant lot was donated to the City of Lubbock free of charge? And it is just down the road from the site city council spent almost $1 million dollars to purchase.

But if don't like this location? What about this location? This building, in downtown Lubbock, was also given to the city free of charge and it is sitting vacant. It's looks like a good spot for a visitor's center to me.

But consider this, although I think a visitor's center is an unnecessary million dollar palace for brochures, not to mention a bad use of tax dollars, couldn't we consider locations we already have instead of overpaying for property we don't need? 

I do regret not bringing this up before council voted on it, but shouldn't they have considered this before overspending our money?

And make no mistake; the hotel/motel tax is your money. It should be used to attract outsiders to spend more money in Lubbock. That money should be used to provide basic city services and to keep your taxes low. That's the real role of government.

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