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The Tater Mitts: Does It Work?

What happens when you have one tater and one mitt? You have a TaterMitt. Ok, bad joke.

But really, there is such a thing.  "It's the innovative new kitchen glove," the infomercial says.

What's so innovative about it?  Maybe it is because the palm of the glove has a rough surface. It looks like tiny hard plastic pieces affixed to it. The makers claim with that, it only takes eight seconds to peel a potato.  Eight seconds? Wow, but Does It Work?

Let's get started. OK, quick version. We used the TaterMitts on two potatoes first, just to get a feel for the product. My feeling was pain. Let me tell you what I mean.

"Here's a brilliant idea the guy behind the camera had. We're going take this potato and we're going to soak it for ten minutes to see if that will help," I said.

That should do it.  But how will it match up to the eight seconds claim?  I got started and found out it was not easy wearing the gloves.  I could feel a sharp pain in my arm that I had never felt before.  When eight seconds passed, my potato was nowhere close to being peeled perfectly.  The longest it took me was one minute and five seconds.  (I did mention the pain, right?)

What's funny, I went back to listen to the infomercial.  I was completely turned off by one of their claims. "The hassle free way to peel a potato after potato after potato," it said.  I couldn't imagine peeling one potato much less a pile of them.  I don't think I would have an arm left.

But here's the catch that I later discovered.  The directions say to boil the potatoes for five minutes before you use the mitts.  I saw it with my own eyes, thinking this was not going to work, it actually helped.  The mitts took the skin off the potato in a little over eight seconds.  The secret is boiling the potatoes, which the informercial does not make mention of whatsoever.  A little misleading? I think so. 

Could this help you in the kitchen?  It could.  Peeling a potato the old fashion way can cost five to ten minutes a potato, so it may be a time saver in the end.  But remember, if you have sensitive pain in your arms or wrists, you may want to stear clear of this product.


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