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NewsChannel 11 Investigates a Lubbock Vet With a Disciplined Standing with the State

Dr. Penny Kelso is a mobile veterinarian in Lubbock. Court documents show allegations that she used duck tape on a dog and told a dog owner to give her pet Ibuprofen, a pill other vets say you should never give your pet. But this incident is what got Kelso in trouble, a C-section on a dog that turned bad.  

"Hi Dr. Kelso, I'm Cecelia Jones with NewsChannel 11," I said.

"Oh no, no," she said.  

Kelso is a disciplined vet in Lubbock who doesn't want to talk to NewsChannel 11.

"We'd like to talk to you about why you are a disciplined vet in Lubbock," I asked.

"I'm not disciplined and I know it looks that way," Kelso replied as she is getting into her van. 

Not disciplined she says?  Then I guess the Texas Board of Veterinarians Medical Examiners lied when they placed it on their website.  It is a public list anyone can see of all the Texas vets disciplined by the board, Kelso is one of them. Online it says Kelso "failed to remove all pups from a patient prior to closing the uterus."  It was a C-section that had bad results.

The dog's name is Pebbles.  Her owner, Connie England, is the one who complained to the vet board. That complaint resulted in Dr. Kelso's discipline.  "She shouldn't be doing surgery," said Connie.

Connie says it happened five years ago, "Pebbles was like a child.  She was a lovable dog."

Connie says when Pebbles went into labor March 1st 2002; she had trouble delivering the puppies. They called out Dr. Kelso to their house in Abernathy. Kelso comes to you when your pet is sick. She has a mobile vet clinic.

"She was a nice lady," said Connie.

"Had you used her before?," I asked. 

"No," Connie said.

A court record from the vet board states that Dr. Kelso performed a C-section and delivered five pups. One died because of a bleeding umbilical cord. But if you keep reading, it says she didn't deliver all the puppies.

"So basically, she sewed up Pebbles and left live puppies inside of her," I said.

"Yes," Connie answered.

We're not just talking about one puppy, but four of them. Three days after Dr. Kelso performed the C-section on Pebbles, Connie saw her deliver a puppy on her living room floor.

"I was furious. I was mad," Connie said.

She was mad because not only did Dr. Kelso leave other puppies inside the dog, but the incision from the C-section split open.  "Her intestines were hanging out," says Connie.

Connie had to take Pebbles to an emergency clinic in Lubbock. Another vet pulled the rest of the puppies out of her. Her experience with Kelso says it cost her more money and frustration. She eventually filed a complaint with the vet board in Austin. It was heard before the board on October 2003, they said the treatment of Pebbles by Dr. Kelso "fell below the standard of care."

Five months later, the board "officially reprimanded" her, ordered her to pay a $2,000, take nine hours of continuing surgical education and she was on probation for one year. 

Dr. Kelso never returned our phone calls. So the next best thing was to find her ourselves.

"What about Pebbles C-section where you left puppies inside of her?," I asked her.

"It didn't happen.  No. I haven't been disciplined," she replied.

"You haven't? You haven't?" I asked her.

"I wasn't disciplined," she said as she shut the door to her van.

"You were disciplined. I have the documents. Do you not want to answer our questions? I have the paper work right her," I told her.  Dr. Kelso drove away in her van.

Connie says Pebbles eventually died and so did all of the puppies, eight of them. She says she couldn't keep up with the two hour feedings after Pebbles died.  These pictures are all Connie has left of Pebbles and the pups and this receipt where she paid $100 for Dr. Kelso's services.

Kelso is trying to appeal the board's decision. Her case is tied up in a Travis County court. The Vet Board told NewsChannel 11 she has completed her probation and her continuing education courses. But, she has not paid her $2,000 fine.

If you would like to check to see if your vet is in good standing with the State, click here.

You can also make complaints to the board if you think your vet is giving questionable medical treatment.

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