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No Period Pill

Three times already, the FDA has approved a birth control pill that can change a woman's normal menstrual cycle but now, for the first time ever, the FDA approved a pill today that will allow women to get rid of their periods for good or however long you want that to be.

The prescription is call Lybrel and it can even eliminate some of the symptoms of PMS because it gives a lose dose of hormone every day. Unlike some other pills, it doesn't shorten the period time or limit it to just four times a year Lybrel can suppress the period for months, even years. If you think that sounds unnatural, here's how doctors explain it.

"The lining of the uterus, where the blood comes from, goes into hibernation when you take lybrel every day. So there's nothing in the lining of the uterus to slough off and have the menstrual bleeding," said Dr. Robert Barbieri, an OB/GYN of Brigham Seven Women's Hospital. 

"For those women who would like to reduce their numbers of periods because they have problems during menstruation, cramps, bloating, other symptoms or they would just prefer to have fewer periods this provides one more option," said Dr. Susan Wood, a former FDA assistant for women's health.  

What happens when a woman wants to stop taking Lybrel and start a family? In a trial of 187 patients, all but two got their regular periods back or became pregnant within three months of stopping the drug. The maker of Lybrel, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, plans to start selling it in July. No word yet on what it will cost.

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