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Parent's Beware of the Choking Game

Lubbock Police say parents should be on the look out for a deadly game kids are playing. It's commonly called the Chocking Game. 

There are many names and variations, but all essentially cut off blood and oxygen flow to the brain by choking, hanging or hyperventilating. We're told kids and teens are playing this game alone and in groups.

"One way they would hyperventilate which would mean they would excessively breath so you get a light headedness. So that's part of the euphoria right there. Then another person would grab onto their neck squeeze, again something that would restrict breathing," said Sergeant Scott Farmer, of the Lubbock Police Department.

Studies show youth between the ages of 9 to 16-years-old are typically the ones playing this potentially deadly game. Lubbock police tell us parents show beware of neck line scratch marks, a popped eye blood vessel or possible mood swings. The chocking game is often learned from other peers.

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