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Lock Bumping: What you Need To Know

If you think you're safe in your home just because you've locked the door, think again. The bad guys may be able to slip into your home with little effort with something called lock bumping.

With just a couple of good hard taps, this bump key can unlock just about any lock: deadbolts, door knobs, even master locks. That's scary to this mother of two.  "That is a false security when you lock your door at night and you think you're going to be OK," she said.

You probably haven't heard of lock bumping, but criminals have and so has Steve Brock of Brock Lock and Key. He says it has a been around for a long time.  "75 years or better," Brock said.

But just recently, lock bumping information is popping up all over the internet,  even with how-to videos.  So exactly what is lock bumping?

Brock says it happens when someone uses a specialized key meant to trip a lock. "You're splitting the upper and lower pins when you're tapping it. You're kicking them up like a cue ball," Brock said.

Brock says it is easy to do if you know what you're doing.  "Oh yeah, it won't unlock by itself," Brock said about the key.   "That took 30 seconds," NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Jones said.

But to someone who doesn't know,  lock bumping isn't that simple.  "It's not that easy," said Jones after trying it herself.

But after practicing a few times,  "I got it," she said.

He says timing is everything when using a bump key and it takes a certain technique.  One he's not willing to share for security purposes.  But he says there are locks on the market that make it impossible to bump the lock.   "This is a 6 pin dead bolt here, which makes this more difficult. I haven't been able to do this," he said.

Also, he says keys with a side pin on it indicates a high security lock which he says makes the lock near impossible to bump.

The mother we spoke to says she's glad to know this exists.  "I am because now I'm more aware," she said.   She wasn't aware of lock bumping until we told her.  Now she has more information on what to do to keep her children safe.   "My number one priority is my children's safety," she said.

We stayed away from telling you how to make a bump key, but we felt like it is our responsibility to inform you about what's out there so you can arm yourself with good information.

Brock says there are some good locks out there that can't be bumped,  like Assa locks, or Schlage Primus, and Everest locks. But he also encourages using deterrents, like good outdoor lighting, pets, and security systems. 

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