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LPD Chief Says Officers Acted According To Policy

Lubbock Police Chief Claude Jones says his officers did nothing wrong, after reviewing the in-car footage of Thursday's officer involved shooting. 

Police responded to a home on the corner of 39th and Avenue N at 7 p.m. Thursday.  According to a 911 caller, 41-year-old Domingo Flores Junior had threatened to kill his wife.  The caller told police Flores had already fired a few rounds. 

When police arrived on scene, Flores ignored repeated commands to drop the weapon, and when he reportedly pointed the gun at officers, one had to fire back.

"It was dangerous.  The officers acted very professional and unfortunately had to do the job that wasn't fun for anybody," Chief Jones said. 

It started with a call to 911. "My neighbor has a gun, and he's shooting.  I don't know what he's shooting at," the caller said. 

"His daughter and son just came, ran next door to my house. They said their dad's shooting. We can hear him shooting the gun, and he said the he's going to shoot their mother if she comes back home," the caller continued. 

Minutes later, police arrived on scene, to find Flores in the front yard of his home at 39th and Avenue N, holding a gun.

"He fired a couple of shots at them. I want to say one shot at them, and they yelled more, put your weapon down, put your weapon down, and he refused," neighbor Jesse Gutierrez said. 

"Drop the pistol, drop the weapon, suerta el arma," Officer Chris Miller shouted Thursday.  His chest microphone caught more than 20 demands for Flores to drop his weapon.

"Numerous times to try to have the subject drop the gun, and there were shots fired when the officers were on scene, and it wasn't until the gun was pointed at the officer that our officer fired the shot," Jones said 

Miller took the shot, with a 223 caliber rifle, from about 86-feet away, according to Jones.

"The distance on this was a large problem, because the bean bag rounds are not accurate at that distance," Jones said. 

The in-car video shows Flores fall to the ground, and police rush in to search the home and provide medical attention. They recovered a 38 caliber revolver.

"They acted tactically safe, and I haven't seen anything right now that has changed my mind," Jones said. 

Flores remained hospitalized at University Medical Center Friday night. 

Officer Miller has a few days off, and Chief Jones says they will see when he is comfortable to come back on duty.

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