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Drama Continues in Austin to Oust Craddick

The drama continues in Austin as Texas lawmakers quarrel for control of the Texas house. House Speaker Tom Craddick has so far survived several attempts to boot him from office.

With just 24 hours left in the Texas legislative session, lawmakers are working harder than ever to replace Craddick. Once it's all said and done, one Lubbock representative hopes to land that seat.

As the clock ticks away, lawmakers are feeling more pressure than ever to get the job done. But lately the house floor has gotten a bit unruly. So tensions are high with just one day left in this legislative session.

"We're on a hiatus, I think there will be a lot more questions raised in an effort to try to take the gavel out of his hands," Delwin Jones says.

Representative Delwin Jones has filed for the position of speaker if Craddick is successfully booted. Although, time is not on their side, Jones says, "I think we're stuck at this point. In my perspective I'm trying to get a vote to block the entire bill this would mandate to have a special session."

Jones says this will force a court opinion on whether Craddick is out of line. But since Monday is a holiday, that can't happen until Tuesday which means a special session would need to be called in order to oust Craddick in time.

So it seems Craddick has a strong grip on the gavel for now, adamant to keep his power as speaker. With the chance that Craddick does get sent packing, Jones says his experience could land him the votes for the seat. 

"I haven't asked anybody for support, but we've come to the point where a dark horse like myself could be the choice of the majority," says Craddick.  

Each Lubbock representative will meet to discuss the legislative session to the public upon their arrival. We'll keep you updated and let you know where and when that will be.

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