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Olympic Josh Becomes Famous

NewsChannel 11's Olympic Correspondent, 14 year-old Josh Prince, was on hand for the first day of the games. Josh is having a ball in Salt Lake City and who wouldn't.

This is the first time the Winter Olympics have been held in America in 22 years and Josh is there. Josh took pictures from the opening ceremonies Friday night. He told NewsChannel 11 earlier the fireworks display looked like a waterfall, but the real excitement for Josh came Saturday when he officially became famous.

"There were four or five girls in line and they were asking about the pins, the NBC pins, and they asked if they could have one," Josh said of his run in with some Olympic attendees who had relatives in Lubbock.

"So she called her relative in Lubbock on the phone and asked if she had heard of Olympic Josh. She said 'yeah.' It was pretty cool," said Olympic Josh.

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