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$120 Million For Texas Tech

The Texas Legislative Session is now officially over after lawmakers passed a two year budget of $152 billion. That budget includes $120 million for Texas Tech. Chancellor Kent Hance already has plans for those funds. His top priority is something that he's been talking about since he came into office; expanding the student body to meet his goal of 40,000 students by the year 2020.

The governor signed a bill that will merge Angelo State University with Texas Tech and that will help the Chancellor Hance meet that goal, giving the system an additional 6,000 students.

Part of the $120 million is $48 million for the El Paso Medical School and the Hance says, compared to other parts of the budget, he was never really concerned about getting that money.

 "I thought that we would get the money for the medical school in el Paso. I thought on some of the other funds that we were trying to get here it might be a little difficult but we were able to get additional monies here for teaching and fro some research and things like that so I really felt good about it," Hance said.

The money will allow the El Paso school to become a four year medical school. The chancellor adds the $120 million they'll receive from the state may sound like a lot of money, but when you compare it to the costs of running a university the size of Tech, it's not that much. The chancellor says that the university's biennial budget comes in somewhere around a billion dollars.

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