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Children's Miracle Network: The Dever Twins

This weekend, NewsChannel 11 will be raising money for Children's Miracle Network (CMN) and University Medical Center's Children's Hospital (UMCCH). So in HealthWise this week we'll be introducing you to some of the children you'll see featured during this year's telethon, starting with a very special success story times two.

We met up with Trusten and Troy Dever at a big check up, one that their mom, Jennifer is happy about.

Jennifer said, "They're fabulous. They're very healthy. They're gaining weight like we wanted them to. They're starting to develop as far as smiling, trying to reach for things."

But that wasn't the case for the boys just a few months ago. They were born in January, but they weren't supposed to be born until late March making them 9 weeks early. That caused some concern for the Devers, but CMN and UMCCH provided hope for the family.

Jennifer added, "I've known about CMN and UMCCH for a long time. And so when I got pregnant I had already spent some time at UMC a few years ago and so I just like the atmosphere at UMC anyway."

Jennifer's previous good experience at UMC probably saved her son's lives. You see, Trusten started as Twin "A" at a whopping 2 pounds 2 ounces while Twin "B" or Troy, the larger and healthier of the two weighed in at 3 pounds 14 ounces. From respiratory problems to body weight issues, these two boys were far from out of the woods.

Jennifer said, "Their doctors and nurses, right off the bat in NICU took excellent care of them."

Jennifer had literally hundreds of questions, and the nurses in doctors in NICU handled each with confidence. It's a confidence that comes with not only the experience of the NICU team, but confidence in the specialized equipment.

"All the medical expertise and all the fabulous nurses would sort of be at a loss without the technology with the stuff that CMN provides. The isolets, the monitors, all the stuff that they provide just gives the doctors an extra hand in just taking really great care of all those babies," said Jennifer. 

It was technology like that, that saved Trusten and Troy's lives because when they were born, their bodies were so underdeveloped they couldn't regulate their own body temperature. It was with the help of a machine like a versolit that allowed them do that most basic human function, regulate their own temperature.

Jennifer said, "It's just a great piece of technology that we know works, we know it got them where they needed to be and I don't know if they would have lived without it."

Just one of these versolits costs $65,000 and this life saving equipment was funded by CMN donations.

Jennifer said, "Between the hospital and the doctors. I mean, the actually facility and the doctors and CMN, I absolutely had no doubt that my babies would be taken very good care of."

Because of that good care, today the boys are developing well and even causing mom some welcome trouble.

Jennifer added, "They're just fabulous. I can't imagine not having them and I can't think about makes me cry. So we're just very blessed."

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