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Consider This... Lubbock Cotton Kings

I've been critical of Lubbock City Council at times but this week, I'd like to discuss what appears to be a pretty good decision made by this group.  

Last week the city ‘moved on' from dealing with the Lubbock Cotton Kings after they failed to reach an agreement to play in the coliseum.

From what I understand the hockey team declined a fair deal to return as the city's anchor tenant for another year. A deal I'm told is similar to the deal that Lubbock's new arena football team got.  

Now I don't know all the backroom politicking that went on and why the city would not offer the cotton kings a 3 year deal like the kings say they wanted, but I do know this. Ticket sales to cotton kings' games have continued to drop dramatically since they opened in 1999.

So consider this, I'm sure it's tough to manage a hockey team with less money coming in but at some point, city council members have to ask themselves is this fair to the taxpayers? Well it looks like they've reached that point.

I've been to Cotton Kings games, and they were fun. But if they aren't selling enough tickets, it's not the city's job to subsidize a failing business.

I do think there is a place for professional sports in Lubbock. Recently I took my boys to a Lubbock Renegades game at the coliseum. We had an excellent time and we'll definitely go back.   

I hope others will try it and the renegades can build a fan base to keep them going.

But as much as I hate to see the Cotton Kings go, the numbers don't lie. I think the Lubbock City Council made the right call here.

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