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Hundreds of Tech Terrace Residents Violate City Code

Yellow tags are posted on the doors of hundreds of homes in the Tech Terrace area.

Using an automated message, the City of Lubbock called all homeowners in the area to warn them that code inspectors would be in their neighborhood. Yet it was an early warning some still chose to ignore.

"They said they were going to be inspecting the area to see how well alleys, yards and houses were kept," says Calvin Thomas, a Tech Terrace resident.

It's a phone call Thomas did not have to worry about. For the past ten years, he's kept his home and property in tip-top shape. But that's not the case for everyone in his neighborhood. For five years Mark Oatman has not only had to take care of his property, but his next door neighbors as well.

"That can be frustrating because you do a lot of work on your house to keep it looking somewhat decent and then you have to take care of your neighbor's yard and house just to keep the value up and keep it presentable," says Oatman.

But inspectors are pounding the pavement, knocking on doors and demanding homeowners clean up or pay up.

"We will be signing violations. We will be explaining to folks what these violations are and how to come into compliance," says Stuart Walker, the Code Administration Manager.

Inspectors estimate 300 homeowners will be greeted by this yellow ticket when they hit the welcome mat.

Violations range from junked vehicles, weeds and rubbish to substandard housing and zoning.

"We encourage people to call us if we don't get to talk to them. Call us and explain your situation," says Walker.

If anything, inspectors suggest learning a thing or two from homeowners like Oatman and Thomas.

"We try to keep the neighborhood decent," says Thomas.

If you receive a violation, but come into compliance within the time frame allotted, your ticket will usually be voided and you will no longer have to pay the fine.

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