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Viewer Response to Consider This on Memorial Day

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My heart goes out to your family.  I pray that your cousin will recover as fully as possible. 
As I was watching this broadcast I was sitting by the phone waiting for a phone call from my son to let me know he arrived safely in Kuwait for in-processing into Iraq (still waiting).  This is his second tour and if anything it is much more difficult for his dad and me the second time around.  I will continue to watch Channel 11 news daily.  It is very difficult to see the daily news from Iraq, but I can't seem to not watch.  Thanks for keeping us informed.

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It would be a good idea if someone from Jason's family contacted the Patriot Guard Riders to help celebrate his return.  That can be done by contacting J D at 806-893-8110.

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Mr. Dan Jackson,

I really enjoyed your Memorial Day article.  I am glad your cousin Jason is going to be ok.  My brother Martin is a Marine and was in Iraq last year.  Thank God he is home safe, physically.  I am not sure about the emotional stuff our soldiers go through while they are over there.  My brother never talks about it.  

I also have a daughter who is in the Air Force and is currently stationed in Afghanistan.  I hear from her often via instant messaging.  She has witnessed her first fatality already as she is  in the medic unit.  It is very hard for her.  But as for both my brother and daughter they believe in what they are doing over there.  And it is a disgrace to them when they hear of people in America not supporting them in this effort. 

I don't agree with the war and wish they would come home too.  But they are over there for a reason.  Most people have already forgotten 9/11 and the tragedy it brought to many people.  There are evil people in this world.  I don't think America should take on all the evil people of this world.  But we have to defend ourselves and this nation.  And our soldiers know that when the take that oath.  If you have not ever been to a graduation ceremony for our Military, it is awesome.  And I will honor my daughters wishes to support our Country.  I am very proud of her and all of our Military.  We take for granted all the many blessings we have in this country.  We are so spoiled we don't even see our blessings.  

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Excellent article! The price of our freedom has been paid over and over again.

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I am the Mother, and Daughter of Sailors, I am the Aunt to two Air force servicemen, an Army Soldier. Also the Sister-in-Law to a Marine. I am also a close fiend to several serving and waiting for deployment Army Reservist.Each and every man and woman that I am friends with or related to in the military are each and everyone devoted to serving their country in what ever way they are called to do so. They are all volunteers they choose to serve and are not forced to. We need to keep them in our hearts and prayers if we did not have service men and women we would not have the freedom of even this to write a letter and sign our name to it without repercussions. I am very sorry for each and every family who has lost a service man or woman during any type of military action both home and abroad. The only comfort we can have when we lose one or they are injured is that they made a decision, took an oath, and chose to serve in their branch of the armed services. We as Americans must support them because each and everyone of them is someone's: Dad, Mother, Brother, Sister, Grand-Child, Nephew, Niece, Cousin, or Friend They are Americans Doing a Job and their JOBS....

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Dan, I was very sad to learn that Jason has been injured in Iraq.  Jason has been a long-time friend to my son, Steven.  I would say that Jason is one of my favorites among Steven's friends.  Please let me know how to reach him.  I would love to send him a card and to see him when he returns to Lubbock.  He, as well as his entire family (including you), will be in our prayers.   

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I agree 150% with you. I my self have experienced having a loved one in the war (my son @ 18 years old) Thank God above he came home alive and unharmed. We need to give them all the praise and glory they deserve. Most of the young people have joined the service to help pay for collage, some will never make it. Other will be sorely disappointed when they figure out what a joke the GI Bill is. Our government should be ashamed!!!!!!!

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I think this is awesome.  My husband was in Vietnam and my daughter's fiance was in Iraq and may go back. We should all say Thank You when we see men/women in uniform and always PRAY for them and their families.

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Mr. Jackson,
Thank you for you most recent commentary regarding our servicemen and women who serve and have served in Iraq. My son is serving with the USMC and has recently returned from a tour in Iraq. Can you tell me how to contact the proper organization in regard to having a brick in his name added to the Lubbock Veterans Memorial? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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First let me say that my prayers are lifted up for Jason and his fast recovery from war wounds. A retired disabled veteran myself I was deeply touched by your commentary especially with an entire airport waiting area greeting returning soldiers. This picture was so different than the crowd that greeted us in San Francisco upon return from Vietnam where the crowd was yelling, "Baby killers," and other derogatory remarks while they spit on returning soldiers.

I congratulate your station for providing a positive few of our returning soldier rather than all the views of defeat. The soldier has never lost a war .... only congress, our nations 'do nothing lot' have lost wars and incited demonstrations against our soldiers.

Our governments, whether local, state, or federal have reached a point to where those that can only point fingers and do nothing are attracted to the jobs of running our country. At least that is the way I see it.

What happened to the flag waving representatives of our governments? They no longer support the freedoms that we have been blessed with. Instead they lead a life of finger pointing and slander.

I was proud to serve and if age permitted would serve again rather than see the bombings and killing of our loved ones in the streets, homes and businesses of the United States.

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Dan, I want to than you on behalf of my wife and I for your comments last night (5/23/07).  Our troops have a very difficult job to do to protect our freedom and way of life.  Every time I see troops in uniform or war memorials, I am reminded of their sacrifice for all of us.

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Consider This: My good buddy from Lubbock, sent me this information. (we both served on the U.S.S. Chicago during WW-2, never met till we found each other on the U.S.S. Chicago Web site) and now it's like we have know each other all our lives. My wife and I are like the cousin of Jason, We support our troups that are protecting us. The day Our troups invaded Baghdad, we put up a YELLOW RIBBON for our troops, It's still up there and will stay there till our troops come home . There is not much left of it as I believe the squirrel's have been working on it. After the shooting at V.T., one of the News Stations was interviewing one of our soldiers in Baghdad, and they asked him what he thought of the President ordering the Flags to be flown at HALF MAST in honor of those students that were murderd at V.T. He said he thought that was appropriate, but he also said, why don't they fly Flag at HALF MAST when we loose one of our service men or women over here, I guess the reporter didn't know what to say. So you know what? When one of our Service Men Or Women loose their lives, protecting our FREEDOM, I am flying my Flag at HALF MAST. I told my Boss (I'm a volunteer driver of our local DAV Van) I drive Veterans to the local Veterans Hospital. about what I was doing about the Flag at HALF MAST when we loose a soldier. He thought that was a good Idea. I'm with Jason's cousin about the  Anheuser-Busch Commercial, they should get some kind of award. Keep up the good work, I will share this with all my e-mail buddies. We will keep Jason in our Prayers. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS OUR TROUPS.

Consider This... Memorial Day
This week NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares his feelings on honoring those who are paying the price for the freedoms that we so often take for granted.

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