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Red Light Cameras To Start Snapping Photos

Within hours, red light cameras will start snapping photos at least 3 intersections in Lubbock. Friday, the intersections will be I-27 and South Avenue Q, I-27 and 66th Street and 19th Street and Indiana Ave. Nine others are currently being installed.

For the next two weeks, violators will receive only a warning from the City of Lubbock. Police tell us a red light violation occurs when you cross into an intersection after the light has turned red, but not before then.

Starting in June, slipping through a red light may cost you as red light cameras at three Lubbock intersections start a trial period Friday.

The city installed red light cameras at selected intersections, along with video sensors, which are triggered when a vehicle runs a red light.

"If the light is red prior to you entering an intersection, it's a violation. If the light turns red anytime after you have entered the intersection, it's not a red light violation," said Lubbock Police Captain James Shavers.

 So what is an intersection?

"The actual intersection itself is the common area where two roads meet. It's the prolongation of the curb lines," said Captain Shavers.

So when you're out driving and come to an intersection remember, where the curbs meet on both sides is where the intersection begins.

The City of Lubbock says the system is only activated after a car goes through an intersection on a red light, but cameras will be looking for violators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To reiterate, if you head into the intersection on a yellow light, you're safe. We're told police will review every violation before a citation is issued.

Come June 14, the city will start issuing tickets for red light runners, costing drivers $75 to $150.

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