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Ecstasy Use on the Rise

Ecstasy, the so-called love drug, is fast becoming the same thing for teenagers today as cocaine was to the previous generation, wildly popular and deceivingly dangerous. That's according to a new government survey that reports ecstasy use in teens is up 71% in the last two years, so the White House and the Private Partnership for a Drug Free America is launching a new TV campaign now, hoping to wake up young people and their parents. "Ecstasy has moved out of the club scene and into the mainstream. You can find it in communities. You can find it in house parties all across America," says Stephen Pasierb, Partnership for a Drug Free America.

"Don't let the lie about ecstasy stand. It's dangerous. It's addictive. It's deadly, and it needs to stop," says John Walters of the White House Drug Policy Office.

The so-called love drug gives users a sense of euphoria, and dealers claim that it's harmless. The problem for the new anti-ecstasy campaign is a popular website that tells a much different story. "It does nothing but say that the government is full of lies. You can test your pills, and they're basically contradicting all this stuff," says Ashley, a former ecstasy user.

Meanwhile, that government survey indicates that 2.8 million teenagers say they've taken ecstasy at least once. For people like Danielle Heird, it was the last thing she ever did. You can watch for more of her story in upcoming TV spots as the new ecstasy awareness campaign gets underway.

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