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Dogs Out Of Control Across Lubbock

A rash of dog attacks involving children occurred across Lubbock Saturday. In all, five children were viciously attacked, the youngest was just two years old. There's no telling why the dogs attacked, but Saturday night, four dogs are in custody at Lubbock Animal Services.

And though five in one day is an abnormally high number, Lubbock Police say that animal attacks have been on the rise lately.

Sgt. Ross Hester from the LPD said, "Over the past two months, there have been several issues with aggressive animals."

And that trend continued Saturday as five children, one just two-years-old, were attacked by dogs, and not all of the dogs were strangers.

Hester added, "A child was being mauled in a backyard and being drug by the family dog."

The family dog was this pitbull. The first incident of the day happened in South Lubbock off 108th Street, where Lubbock Animal Services took three dogs into custody. The details of the gruesome attack are too graphic to share, however when police arrived on the scene, a half naked two-year-old boy was being attacked.

Hester said, "Children's Protective Services was called to the scene. They removed the children. They were taken from the home and taken to UMC, and I believe they're being placed with a family placement at this time."

The second attack of the day happened at a local park near 24th and Frankford. There, four children were bitten by this chow/pitbull mix.

Kevin Overstreet with Animal Services said, "We do have the dog in our custody from 24th and Frankford and we also have the animal, actually have 3 animals from the address on 108th St. in our custody right now."

And the best advice to everyone from police, Hester said, "If they don't know the animal, I'd stay away from them."

Regarding the dog taken from the home in South Lubbock, the one that attacked the two-year-old boy, that attack is currently under evaluation and there will be a dangerous animal hearing in the next 20 days to determine exactly what happened and who's at fault.

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