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Thunderstorms Causing Threat to Farmers

The rumble of thunder and crash of lightning is becoming quite familiar here on the South Plains. While thunder and lighting can be scary for many, it's the hail that's produced from those storms that's worrying cotton farmers.

Three storms in three nights has ruffled some feathers among farmers across the South Plains, but there's one thing in particular that has farmers most concerned. 

"If hail falls on your field and hits those very small, delicate plants, it kills them. And this close to the final planting date, a farmer's not going to have the opportunity to go back and replant cotton this year," explains Roger Haldenby with the Plains Cotton Growers. He says hail can be tragic for cotton farmers if their plant is not yet in the ground.

And as for all the raindrops those storms are bringing in, they're not always good news. Haldenby explains, "Rain isn't going to cause problems for farmers unless it's really heavy rain and it washes fields away."

Flooding hasn't been a problem for the past couple of years. Instead, last year, farmers were struggling to keep their crops alive amidst a drought. But this year stormy skies could hurt them just as bad.

Haldenby says, "Hail and thunderstorms, to a farmer, is a little bit like hail and thunderstorms to somebody with a car in Lubbock. If it hits your car or you field, it's a big problem for you. If it just rains on you, you feel sorry for those who have lost a car or lost a crop." And you should feel sorry because their loss could be your loss. If farmers don't meet their quota in time, you could be paying more for items you use every day.

 The deadline for Lubbock farmers who are finishing up planting is just around the corner, that's June 5th, which is Tuesday.  


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