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NewsChannel 11 Seeks Answers To Muddy County Roads

NewsChannel 11 is getting answers for Lubbock County residents. Since our story aired about muddy county roads last week, we've received e-mails and a number of calls, and all of them are from county residents who want answers.

Viewers tell us they're frustrated, claiming the county isn't doing enough, but County Commissioner McCay says they're doing everything they can.

Wet and mushy again. Something some Lubbock County residents are becoming accustomed too.

Don Krebs says, "It washes out, but we've had so much rain that's going to happen."

But not all agree. County resident Kressa Carroll says the county should be doing more to keep the roads maintained.

"They don't do anything with them. They says this is caliche, but this is dirt obviously.  And we've had to get people to sign a petition to try to get these roads fixed. But that's just not happening," Carroll said.

Precinct One County Commissioner Bill McCay responded, "I understand and I feel as frustrated as they feel. We want to fix these roads right now today. We'd love to do that today. We want too."

But Commissioner McCay says crews can't start getting the mud out of the ditches, which helps prevent roads from being washed out, until the sun stays out. He adds, the problem is compounded by this winters' freezes.

"That water soaked into the dirt, caliche and pavement roads and just shattered the base so  become a mush." McCay said.

In an email to NewsChannel 11, a viewer asks, "What is the county's plan concerning rural population growth and roads?"

"We're addressing growth and are working. We have consolidated our road and maintenance crews. And by consolidating, we are using crew to go to where the worst situations is and addressing those situations." McCay said.

But as the South Plains start to dry out, road crews' to do lists continue to increase, which means road improvement projects, such as the one slated for Woodrow Road, may have to be put on hold.

"We're still hoping to widen that this summer. But given all the rain we've had this year it may get put on hold another year," McCay said.

The Commissioner says right now they are working on getting more money for road maintenance, so more can be done on a daily basis. But so far, county commissioners have approved $400,000 to improve dirt and caliche roads in the county.

Commissioner Ysidro Guiterrez says work crews must wait for the roads to dry out before they can start on the project.

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