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The TweeZe: Does It Work?

This automatic tweezer system called "TweeZe" gives silky smooth results and given the name, one would think it's easy to use too.

I can only think of one person to help me on this test, Renee Acker. "For the past eight years, I've removed a lot of hair," she said.

She's a certified laser hair removal professional. "This ought to be very interesting," Renee said about the product.

Wait until you hear it, "I'm scared," Cecelia Jones said. 

"Yep... yours truly, happens to be brave enough to try it on my arm.  

"I'm hardly even touching you. Why are you red?" Renee asked. 

"Probably because it hurts," Cecelia said.

Now that I think about it, it didn't just hurt; it was more like an irritating jolt of pain. So it was removing the hair.

"Ooo, that's disgusting, look at that," Cecelia said.  

The TweeZe was full of hair. OK, it wouldn't be a true "Does It Work" test if I didn't go out on a limb. That's right, I have chin hair. 

"Renee takes care of it by the way," Cecelia said. 

You use the TweeZe in a circular motion and it supposed to grab a hold of the hair and pull it out, but it wasn't working on my chin. 

"It may not be long enough," said Renee. 

"I don't feel anything," Cecelia said. 

"Yeah, I'm not seeing anything. But you have peach fuzz, here let's see," she said.

I could feel the tingling but, it didn't hurt as much. Then it was Renee's turn. I guess she didn't believe me.  

"Ouch, that does hurt," she said.  

"See, I wasn't lying!" Cecelia replied. 

If you like pain, get it. If not, don't buy it. As far as my take, the TweeZe just isn't that "eeZ-e."

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