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Food for Thought Report 6.7

We top off this Food for Thought with some good news.

Adventures USA skating rink and pool is a top performer. So whether your dipping in or sliding around the treat you dive into is perfect. 

This weeks list of low performers begins with Texas Land and Cattle at 7202 Indiana. The repeat low performer had eight critical violations.

  • Several cold foods were held above the safe temperature of 41 degrees.
  • Sweet potatoes were 93 degrees. They must be 135 degrees or hotter.
  • An uncovered drink was stored on top of a paper tower dispenser.
  • Cooked beans were expired.
  • A hand wash sink was out of soap. Another sink was out of paper towels.
  • Toxic items were not properly stored.
  • Thermometers were missing in various reach-in coolers.
  • Numerous items in the kitchen were soiled.

Management says all violations have been corrected. The report shows most were corrected at the time of the inspection.

Food for Thought 6.7
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 6/7/07.

Carino's Italian Kitchen at 6821 Slide Road had eight critical violations.

  • Multiple hot and cold foods were not held at the safe temperatures.
  • Personal drinks were found near the food service area.
  • A can was dented.
  • Soiled cloths were found on a prep counters.
  • There was no soap or towels at a hand sink.
  • There were no thermometers in a reach in cooler.
  • Several items were found soiled, including; knives, plates and silverware.

Management says all violations have been corrected. The report shows all were corrected during the inspection.

Inspectors cited Boogie D's Catfish and Grill at 4730 Slide Road with 11 critical violations.

  • Cheese was not 41 degrees or colder.
  • An employee did not wash their hands between job duties.
  • An employee was drinking out of a cup with no lid or straw in the kitchen area.
  • An employee did not wear gloves when handling ready to eat foods.
  • Several raw food items were stored next to or on top of ready to eat foods. This poses the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Numerous ready to eat foods were not date-marked.
  • A bucket was filling with water in a hand-sink.
  • Toxic items were not properly stored or labeled.
  • There were no thermometers in the reach-in or walk-in coolers.
  • There was no thermometer for thin foods.
  • Several items were soiled, including: a potato press, drawers, and a plate.
  • There was no consumer advisory posting about the consumption of under cooked food.

The owners were not available to go on camera, but they tell us, "We just had a baby and have recently been away from the restaurant. We also have a few new employees and a new cook; so we were in the process of training. We are now back at the restaurant full-time and everything is great!"

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