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City Implements Restrictions on Outdoor Water Use

The City of Lubbock is implementing Stage 4 - Emergency Water Shortage Conditions of its Water Conservation/Drought and Emergency Contingency Plan, which mandates that there will be no outside watering due to emergency conditions. This is effective immediately, and will continue until at least 2 p.m. Monday, June 11.

Violators will be warned for a first offense. A second offense may result in a citation.

The emergency procedures to limit water use are a result of construction on the Marsha Sharp Freeway.  As part of that project, the state has mandated the relocation of a major water line, which impacts about 30 percent of the City's peak day water supply. The City of Lubbock cannot meet the increasing demand for water while this line is out of service.

In order to ensure water is available for essential home and commercial use, no watering of grass is permitted. Limited hand watering of flower beds and gardens will be permitted at this time, but may be discontinued if further reductions are necessary.

Officials will review the status of the water system each week and announce whether Stage 4 and a prohibition for outside water will continue. Until that time, citizens and businesses should not install new lawns or plants that would require heavy watering.

Watering from private wells is not regulated by the City, and may continue for lawns and gardens.

The City hopes construction will be complete and the relocated line will be back in service by the end of June.

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