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Hollywood Comes To Snyder

Barry Tubbs is a South Plains native and he's back in Snyder making a whole new feature length film and this one has everything to do with clowns.

One clown said, "I came all the way here from Savannah, Georgia because they told me we were going to make a movie about clowns. But they didn't tell me they were going to be shooting clowns."

The movie is called "Clown Hunt" and it's the latest creation from Barry Tubbs. Tubbs has been seen acting in films like K-Pax and even Top Gun. Back in 2002, Tubbs rolled out the red carpet for his hometown, filming the movie Grand Champion and now, Clown Hunt.

Tubbs said, "This movie came to me when I was helping Tommy Lee Jones scout for a movie and we were kind of bored one day and thought we saw a clown out in the wild. We thought about how great it'd be to hunt clowns."

And now Tubbs is hunting clowns and get paid for it.

"The guys that made Jackass and Borat are just having too much fun, making too much money. We do this kind of thing around here every day and don't get paid for it. We decided we'd film it and get paid for it," said Tubbs.

And Tubbs doesn't mind clowning around himself. "My favorite thing about Lubbock is that if you look really hard, it's so flat, if you look really hard, you can actually see the back of your own head," he said.

Tubbs hopes good comedy, good writing and star appearances by John Wayne's grandson Brenden Wayne, country singer Robert Earl Keen and four time world champion bull rider Tuff Hedeman will make this an award winning performance.

The goal of this team is to have this whole production done by the end of the summer, be in festivals throughout the fall and then be in a theatre near you sometime next May.

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