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Having Children Later in Life

You know that many women today are choosing to have children later in life. The average age of starting a family is now 29. New research in the British Journal of Cancer shows that a woman's risk of developing Breast Cancer before Menopause is increased by 63% if the first child comes when the mother is in her thirties, compared to those who begin a family in their early 20's.

The good news, though, is that risk decreases with every child born."The significance of this study is that it's a very big study, and it's a prospect study. The women were enrolled 10 years ago and have been followed since, so it really gives very accurate statistics that you have an increased risk of cancer if you have your children later rather than earlier," says Dr. Robin Weiss, British Journal of Cancer.

The report is not intended to encourage women to get pregnant at a young age, just to help them determine the risks based on how long they wait. One more note from the study, no matter what the age, women who do give birth rather than remain childless also have a reduced risk of getting Breast Cancer.

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