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One Last Push For Votes in District Three

When it comes to representing district three, Kevin Glasheen and Todd Klein both think they are the best man for the job. But district three voters are the ones with the final say in this runoff election for a coveted seat on Lubbock's City Council.

Both men, Glasheen and Klein have spent the day pressing the flesh at each polling place and going door to door. We met up with them at Monterey High School and each has their lists of change.

Klein said, "We're going to shape the debate. Red light cameras need to come down. We need to hold the line on taxes. We need to stop buying buildings we don't need. We need to respect the role the private sector plays."

While Glasheen said, "We've got to do something about codes enforcement and address the problem of students in the neighborhoods. And beyond that I think as far as the city spending and budget goes we need to focus on taking care of what we've got, rather than going out and taking on grand new projects."

City Council District Three runoff election day in Lubbock had the candidates working hard to get those last minute votes. Each preached the change they hope to bring if elected to council.

Klein said, "If you elect me, you're definitely voting for change."

Glasheen said, "I'm the one that has the proven track record and the experience to bring change to City Hall."

But as is true with all elections like this, voter turnout is low. In fact of the nearly 20,100 registered and eligible voters in district three, Lubbock's Election Office says they only had 1,138 people turn out for early voting and they're expecting about the same on Election Day.

"I campaign like a farmer. I get up before dawn and I stay out until the sun sets," said Klein.

Glasheen said, "I've worked meeting payroll, practicing law and managing property and these are all skills and experiences that I'm ready to put to work for the citizens of Lubbock."

At the end of the day the messages from both camps are similar.

Glasheen said, "You've got one hour and I'd be honored to have that vote."

While Klein said, "If you want to have a say, you've got another hour to go out there and vote."

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