Falling Down Hurts

Falling Down Hurts is a work in progress. Longer than most bands, FDH has been together for 6 years. Each member only being 20 years of age makes them younger than most bands that have accomplished as much as they have.

They have played with acts, such as: Moneen, Cruiserweight, Waking Ashland, Lydia, and Sullivan. They have also self booked an East and West Coast tour and recorded at Black Lodge Studios in Lawrence, Kansas with Ryan Pope, drummer of The Get Up Kids. With all of the members having extremely different musical preferences, from Rush to Journey, to Pantera to Jimmy Eat World, they somehow come together to form what is Falling Down Hurts.


Alex Hart- Vocals/Guitar

Jeff Stringer- Bass/Vocals

Aaron Carpenter- Drums

Joe Schumacher- Guitar/Synth

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