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Water Restrictions Causing Problems For Local Landscapers

When green thumbs can't water their lawns, local nurseries say they are the ones who could suffer.

The mandatory water restrictions in effect until at least next Monday prohibit anyone in Lubbock from using sprinklers. Only limited hand-watering of flower beds and gardens is permitted and landscaping is discouraged.

Tom's Tree Place has been working on lawns in Vintage Township since last week. They just laid sod, before the water restrictions went into place. It's a project that typically requires daily watering and that's something that can't be done with the restrictions, causing problems for nurseries and landscapers during their busiest time of the year.

Alex Scarborough is a Landscape Architect with Tom's Tree Place. "This is my season. This is my Christmas season in our business," he said.

Scarborough says this is the first time he's experienced anything like a stage four water restriction.

"This is the first time in my memory that we have even been at stage four. This is the most restricted and stage four says no new landscaping should be installed and if you did install landscaping recently we're sorry," Scarborough said.

Scarborough's sorry because if he would have had some advance warning of the restrictions he could have planned accordingly.

"We had no warning. We installed sod for people on Thursday. Had we known we would have not done that," said Scarborough.

Aric Johnson with Little Red Riding Hood Nursery says their warning came on the evening news.

"I heard about it on the news so we didn't get much notice at all. So it's the kind of thing that just crept up on us," Johnson said.

And that surprise now means, Tom's Tree Place has to void all their warranties because usually warranties are only good if plants or trees are watered and cared for.

"If you don't water it, we don't warrant it," Scarborough said.

Both Scarborough and Johnson say, for now, Mother Nature is our only saving grace.

Johnson said, "With the rain every day, we've had a little rain in the evening or in the mornings. Just enough showers thus far to keep us from having problems with drying out."

For now, the experts suggest taking preventative measures.

"If you haven't mulched your beds, let's mulch the beds and preserve the water we have. I wouldn't mow my grass really short right now. I'd let it grow a little bit longer and just keep things you know as good as you can," Scarborough suggests.

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