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Food for Thought Report 2.14

60 food establishments were visited by City Health Inspectors this week, and quite a few of them are feeling the love of a top performing score.

They're used to hamming it up with a perfect score. This Valentine's Day you could say the folks at Glazed Honey Ham at 3424 82nd St. have fallen in love with being a Food for Thought top performer that is. This is their 5th time to make the list and owner John Boling says that's because of his winning team. "They know what we expect and what our customers expect and I just have to attribute it to our good employees and our good manager," said Boling.

Boling says he wants to leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to delivering what customers' want. "I want them to know they're going to get consistent food, they're going to get a clean atmosphere, good food and what else can you expect?"

Another top performing certificate this week goes to Sugarbaker's at 4601 South Loop 289. Over the past 15 years it's proven to be one of Lubbock's most popular luncheon and dessert spots and owner Wendy Matthews attributes that to a top rate staff. "When a customer comes through the door we want them to be greeted with the best smile but not only with that, with cleanliness and make sure everything is sanitized and clean."

Cupid also shot a few other local places with a top performing certificate this Valentine's Day. Smoothie King at 4210 82nd St. is a top performer. The list continues at Covenant Health System, that's where three more top performers can be found. Chic Fil A, Burger King, and Itza Pizza at Covenant all earned perfect scores.

Bakery Creations at 3414 82nd Street with no critical violations and Schlotsky's at 3719 19th Street rounds out the list of top performers this week.

Now on to our low performers. Arby's at 3215 50th St. received four critical violations. Violations including:

  • Improper and inadequate hand washing . Employees were not washing their hands between job duties and were not using a hand sink to wash their hands. Employees were also found not washing their hands before putting on gloves.
  • Employees were not practicing good hygiene techniques. They were found eating or chewing gum in the food service and prep area.
  • Inspectors also found the potential for cross contamination due to improper storage of food products. There was an egg product on the food prep line with cheese and eggs were also found stored above lunch meat.
  • Inspectors did not find a date-marking system being used properly, there was no date found on some ham and some turkey was marked with an expired date.

Other violations included an ice scoop not properly stored, inadequate lighting in a cooler, and a heavily soiled slicer.

NewsChannel 11 was unable to reach management at Arby's for comment, but the inspection report says all violations were corrected on site.

Our next low performer is Mario's Drive In at 2001 Clovis Road. Inspectors reported seven critical violations.  Violations including:

  • Employees not washing their hands between duties.
  • Inspectors also found a severely dented can of tomatoes among cans to be used.
  • Employees were found handling tortillas without washing their hands.
  • Meat was found thawing in a sink where dishes were also being washed.
  • A hand washing sink did not have paper towels or another hand drying device.
  • Inspectors also found a soiled cutting board and soiled soda machine nozzles.
  • They also found the inside of a microwave to be heavily soiled.

The Owner at Mario's tells NewsChannel 11that all violations have been corrected.

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