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Diabetes Complications

You probably know by now that country western singer Waylon Jennings died on Wednesday from complications of Diabetes. The Littlefield native also lost a limb to the disease a few months ago. We often hear that millions of people in the United States are learning to live with Diabetes, but how often do you find people like Jennings who suffer the critical consequences?

"We have approximately 80,000 amputations in this country every year. Most of the amputations are on people who have Diabetes. With just a five minute foot exam every day, most of those amputations could be avoided," says Gene Bell, R.N., TTMC - Southwest.

Gene says people with diabetes should examine their feet every day looking for a pulse and checking for calluses, corns, bunions, or anything that could signal an underlying infection. One more tip: she says that Diabetics should not soak their feet because that dries out the natural oils in the skin which could lead to other problems.

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