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Lubbock Police Warn Parents of Dangers in Sleeping with Their Babies

The death of a Lubbock baby is prompting a warning from the Lubbock Police Department: "Do not sleep next to your infant in bed". The warning comes as officers investigate the death of a one-month-old, who police believe may have been smothered while sleeping with its parents.  

This is the second investigation of its kind this year. Police are calling it a co-lay death. We are told that is when two adults are lying in a bed with their baby, and at some point, the baby is accidentally smothered while sleeping.

"What we have is a one-month-old that has passed away for what we understand at this time the child was asleep with its parents," Lubbock Police Department Sgt. Scott Farmer.

While tragic, police and parenting educators say this type of death can be prevented. Parenting educator Jackie Caldwell tells NewsChannel 11 that when your baby is crying, it may be tempting to bring the child to bed with you. But she says, the outcome can be disastrous.

"Inside the bed with them there's just no safe way to ensure that the baby is not going to roll to somewhere, and the baby will not roll under the covers as they may not have enough access to enough oxygen," Caldwell said.

Caldwell also says if the baby will not stop crying and mom and dad need sleep, it is okay to put your baby in the crib. She says in the end, this may prevent something worse from happening.

Sgt. Farmer adds that it does not take much pressure or weight to stop a baby from breathing, which is why it is so easy to smother them while in bed.

Again, this case is still under investigation, but at this point, police do believe it was accidental.

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