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Passing The City Council Torch

The soon-to-be former Lubbock District Three Councilman, Gary Boren, is offering some advice to his successor. Thursday morning, Todd Klein will be sworn in as the new District 3 Councilman.

Last Saturday, Klein won a run-off against Kevin Glasheen with 52% of the vote. Both men will have the distinction of representing the heart of Lubbock in District 3.

Wednesday, NewsChannel 11 sat down with both, one recalling his term, the other gearing up for his.

"It was an exciting time even though we had mega problems that were dealt our way," Boren said.

"Now instead of campaign time, it's council time," Klein said.

Gary Boren and Todd Klein, two men, each with a passion for Lubbock.

Boren said, "I believe in Lubbock, Texas."

Klein said, "I love to be in District 3."

Gary Boren spent five years on the council serving on what he describes as a dynamic council that brought positive changes.

"Number one would be public safety, police and fire. Secondly, keeping the cost of government down, property taxes, keeping those low. Third, being part of a dynamic council that brought about change of LP&L. And lastly, water, water gets a lot of play today because of the rain, but Lubbock is positioned in its supply to have water for 100 years," Boren said.

Before making changes of his own, Klein wants to listen and learn.

"I want to get off to a good start with the other members. So, I think it's important to be cordial and to recognize that I am the newest member of the council," Klein said.

Klein also says as of Wednesday, his nerves are calm, "The truth is I've been so busy that I really haven't had the chance to be needlessly worried."

For now, he's focused on the task at hand.

"I intend to serve just 2 terms. Beyond that I haven't been focused on it," Klein said.

Boren gives some advice to his successor, "The thing I would say is believe in yourself. Hold strong to your moral values, to your fiber, what makes you as a person what you said you'd do, do it."

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