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The Stick-N-Click: Does It Work?

Let me shed some light on this product, it's called the Stick-N-Click. You get three in your package and you can use them for lots of things. For ten bucks, Does It Work?

"I could use a little bit of light under my sink," Cecelia said. 

The stick part was easy; so was the click. The color of the light that shines is of a bluish tint.  It is fairly bright, enough to let me find what I am looking for under my sink. I also tried the product under the cabinets where my spices sit. Definitely, I could see the improvement.  

The makers claim you can use the Stick-N-Click anywhere.  Here are the places I tried: garage storage, under the bed, a dresser drawer, the linen closet, the coat closet, and a shelf that stores all my movies.

At each place, the Stick-N-Click illuminated enough to light the area you need to see.

I think this product works!

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