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Registered Sex Offenders Arrested For Alleged Violations

Lubbock Police had at least two people behind bars late Wednesday night, accused of violating registered sex offender laws, but family members of one of those suspects tell NewsChannel 11 they don't know how he violated the rules.

Members of the Lubbock Police Department's Sex Offender Field Unit arrested the men. Convicted sex offenders have to register where they live with local law enforcement, and the field unit verifies each person is living where they say.

"A lot of times, these registered sex offenders get lost in the system, and if the people that are living in that area, if they check their immediate area and their zip code, they're not going to show that offender," Sgt. Jeff Davis said. 

Family members of one of those arrested Monday night say they're not sure why he was arrested.  Police arrested Pauline Daniels' husband, 46-year-old James Daniels, at their home in north Lubbock Monday night.

Sgt. Davis told NewsChannel 11 he believed James Daniels was arrested at his registered residence.  We checked LPD's Sex Offender Registry online, and found he is registered at the home.

Pauline Daniels tells us her husband does have a second address under his name, but that he's never lived there.  She says they were helping a friend with utility bills, and she believes law enforcement may have made a mistake when they took her husband into custody.

"We've been in this community since August, and there are some neighbors here that know us, and they never had a problem with anything, even with the children, and as far as I can see right now, with the news media and with the cops doing this, it's a bunch of hog wash," Pauline Daniels said. 

Pauline says she plans to talk with police about their circumstances. 

LPD's Registered Sex Offender Field Unit has been in operation since January 1st of this year.  Right now, the group is a temporary unit that works with LPD's Neighborhood Services Registry Unit.  Since they've been in operation, the field unit has arrested 37 registered sex offenders for various forms of non-compliance.

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