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Four Men Arrested Accused of Violating Registered Sex Offender Laws

Four men remain behind bars Thursday morning after the Lubbock Police Department's sex offender field unit arrested them. NewsChannel 11's Nicole Pesecky has the latest.

  If you live in the City of Lubbock you should feel a little bit safer this morning after 4 men were arrested, accused of violating registered sex offender laws. The latest arrest occurred around 2:30 Thursday morning.

Convicted sex offenders have to register where they live with law enforcement, and the field unit verifies each person is living where they say. Were told the four men arrested were noncompliant with the laws.

Jeff Davis with the Lubbock Police Department says many people the unit checks up on are sometimes arrested for other crimes, "If we find if there's non-compliance. For example if an offender moves without telling anyone, he's involved with another crime. We'll follow up the investigation on that take appropriate action if there's a case to be filed. We'll file that

 The LPD's sex offender field unit has been in operation since January 1st of this year. Since then they've arrested nearly 40 sex offenders for various forms of non- compliance.

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