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Red Light Camera Warning Period Ends Friday

So far there are three red light cameras installed in Lubbock, and starting Friday they will be issuing citations.

Three red light photo enforcement cameras are currently operational and are located at the following intersections:

  • I-27 southbound @ South Avenue Q Drive
  • I-27 southbound @ 66th Street
  • 19th Street westbound @ Indiana Avenue

Additional red light photo enforcement cameras are being installed at the following 9 locations:

  • 19th Street westbound @ University Avenue
  • 50th Street eastbound @ I-27
  • 34th Street westbound @ 1-27
  • Indiana Avenue northbound @ South Loop 289
  • South Loop 289 westbound @ Quaker Avenue
  • 50th Street eastbound @ Quaker Avenue
  • 19th Street westbound @ Frankford Avenue
  • 50th Street eastbound @ Avenue Q
  • 50th Street westbound @ I-27

The program operates 24 hours a day and works in all weather conditions.  The system is only activated when a vehicle enters the intersection AFTER the light has turned red.  All intersections with red light cameras are clearly marked.

All red light violation images are reviewed and approved by the Lubbock Police Department before a notice is mailed to the registered owner.

Violators will also be able to view the actual images through a Web site (click here) provided by the vendor, American Traffic Solutions (click here). 

The first two violations issued to the registered owner will cost $75 each. The violation is considered civil, not criminal.

"Photo enforcement cameras are just one component of our Red for a Reason traffic safety program including engineering, education and traditional enforcement by police officers." stated Jere Hart, City Traffic Engineering.

More information will be available on the City's Website in the near future (click here).

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