Waste Reduction

Our waste management efforts involve many materials that cannot be handled as common trash, such as chemicals, used oil, batteries, lighting and lamps, asbestos, oil contaminated media and scrap metal. Xcel Energy invests almost $1 million a year to properly manage and dispose of these wastes, reducing our impact on the environment.

We make every effort to recycle and re-use products and materials when possible. For example, we recycled an estimated 5,000 tons of used oil, scrap metal and lead batteries in 2003. We also re-use solvents, and have programs in place to recycle paper, fluorescent lamps, wood transmission and distribution poles, and cable reels. We are working to reduce the volumes and types of hazardous materials we use;  through our HazTrac chemical control program we've reduced the number of unique hazardous products at our Colorado and Wyoming facilities by 55% since 1993.