Coal Ash Recycling

A primary byproduct of electric generation is coal ash. Almost half of the 2.5 million tons of coal ash our plants produce annually goes to beneficial uses, such as concrete products, roadbed material and soil stabilization. A full 100% of coal ash from our power plants in Texas is put to beneficial use.

Conventional coal fly ash has been used to replace a portion of the cement in concrete since the 1950s. Fly ash complements the action of cement, making the concrete stronger and more durable. Using fly ash reduces emissions and energy consumption associated with construction projects because manufacturing cement is an energy-intensive process.

Fly ash also can be used to strengthen the sub grade beneath the base of roads and highways. Ash that comes from the bottom of our pulverized coal boilers is used in landscaping material, asphalt, as sandblasting grit and in roofing shingle granules. We continually explore new uses for ash because it helps reduce ash disposal costs and landfill use, while providing economical recycled products for the construction industry.