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Camera Fines In Effect

Running a red light in Lubbock could cost you, now that the warning period for the city's red light cameras is over.

Drivers caught running a red light at one of the monitored intersections will receive a citation in the mail  It will have three pictures showing the vehicle before, and during the violation, and a close up of the car's license plate.

Folks will pay $75.00 for their first offense. The fine stays the same for number two, but a third could cost you $150.00.

Drivers run a red light when they enter an intersection after the traffic signal has turned red. The camera system only activates once the red light is showing, and according to the city, it will not capture a vehicle if it enters the intersection on yellow.  Motorist already in the intersection when the signal changes are not considered red light runners.

So, what do you do if a red light camera citation cruises into your mailbox?  There are three options: pay the fine, appeal the violation, or submit an affidavit stating you were not driving the car.  Click here to learn the process for each.  

Red light camera citations are civil citations, so they shouldn't be reported on your driving record, or to your insurance.  

Nine more cameras are going up in the city, and enforcement at those intersections will start once the cameras are activated.  Those intersections will not have a warning period. 

Click here to learn more about Lubbock's red light cameras, including operation, location, and results.

Red Light Camera Locations
Find out what intersections red light cameras will be going up in Lubbock.

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