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New Law Cuts Red Light Camera Revenue In Half

Under new legislation, just passed by Governor Rick Perry, red light camera revenue will be cut in half.  Now, a Lubbock City Councilman is calling for cameras in the Hub City to be taken down.

Under House Bill 1623, all cities will have to give half of their red light camera revenue to the state.  That's the money cities take in, after paying red light camera companies for their services.

The state will use their share to pay for area trauma facilities.  The bill also requires that cities use what's left to pay for public safety programs.

Now, Lubbock City Councilman John Leonard says he'll call for the cameras to be taken down.

"I'm introducing a resolution at next Tuesday's council meeting that will cancel the red light camera contract. It's about the money, and the money is apparently not going to be there now, so let's get out of the red light camera business," Leonard said. 

Leonard tells NewsChannel 11 the city has a provision to cancel the red light camera contract, and he says it shouldn't cost tax payers any money.

If the keeps the cameras, they may be forced to take them down in two years. That's because another bill, Senate Bill 1119 requires cities to show that the cameras improve safety, and if the legislature is not convinced by September 1, 2009 the cameras would be taken down.

Coming up tonight on NewsChannel 11 at 10, we'll hear from the man behind that provision-Representative Carl Isett.

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