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Water Restriction Continues, Bypass Completed

The City will remain in Stage 4 with water restrictions as of Monday, June 18, 2007. With the level of cooperation to limit water use, no additional restrictions are necessary and hand watering will continue to be permitted at this time.

Over the last week water use for Lubbock stayed between 27 and 32 million gallons a day. This remains below the limit of 35 million gallons per day that allows essential water to be delivered throughout all of Lubbock.

"We thank all citizens who are actively helping by turning off the sprinkler systems and limiting watering to the amount that can be applied by hand. The level of cooperation has been tremendous. The voluntary compliance is working and this allows citizens the option of watering flowers, trees and lawns by hand," says Deputy City Manager Tom Adams.

City staff completed a temporary bypass this last weekend that could help move up to 4 million gallons of water each day to areas that need water. This should help ensure that essential water can be delivered by the water system and possibly help increase the total amount of water that can be used each day.

With the completion of the bypass and with the reconnections of the line being completed, the City will begin returning to normal water service and eliminating water restrictions. The phasing in of water service could begin early next week and will depend upon the timing for the completion of the water line connections and water quality testing in the relocated lines. The testing is required by state regulations. Notice will be gives as water service returns to normal for major sections of the City. More information on the phasing in of water service will be provided as those plans are finalized.

Construction continues to progress. The line from Pump Station #7 to Slide Road is complete. Pump Station #7 is located at the intersection of 29th Street and the Marsha Sharp Freeway. The casing and pipe under the Marsha Sharp Freeway and Slide Road has been installed.
North of Marsha Sharp, the next steps will be to extend lines, place valves and make connections to one 16 inch line going north and one 30 inch line going west. South of Marsha Sharp, the next steps will be to extend lines, place valves and make connections to one 30 inch one 12 inch going south, and to one 16" going east. The critical line for the restoration of water service is the 30" going south in Slide Road.

As construction work for the project is completed, the lines can be filled with water, chlorinated and tested. The new lines are large enough that they will take about 4 days to fill with water, so filling will begin as soon sections of pipelines are complete.

The question of having the contractor work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week has been raised by a number of citizens. The City has requested that the contractor bring all available crews to work on this project. It is the City's understanding that the contractor has moved all available crews from other projects to work on the relocation of the water line since this is so important to the City of Lubbock's water system.

The project does not have one work site. If it had one work site then the 24/7 shift work would definitely help. The project has multiple work sites so multiple crews can work at the same time. The crews are working 16 hour days at different work sites. Placing these existing crews on a 24 hour a day basis would reduce each crew's time down from 16 hours a day to 12 hours a day. In order to do the night work, the contractor will need to bring in some sub contractors. A request has been made by City staff for the contractor to initiate this step.

The project will be completed in phases as five different connections are completed to send water north, south (2 lines), east and west into the water distribution system. The first connection could come online as early as June 25th. Construction to connect the 30 inch line that flows south and that is necessary to restore water service should be completed by about June 30th. Construction on all connections should be completed in early July.

The City and the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) are working closely together to keep the project moving. Some redesign has already become necessary due to conflicts with existing utility lines in 34th Street. TXDOT quickly approved a plan and permit change that could save time rather than create a delay. This is important since this conflict would impact the 30" line heading south in Slide Road which is essential to the restoration of water service.

Traffic will be rerouted on Slide Road around the water line construction site beginning Wednesday, June 20, 2007. The rerouting will be necessary to accommodate the water line construction work in Slide Road. North bound traffic will be routed left on the City Bank Parkway and then right on US Highway 62/82 (Brownfield Highway) and then left on Slide heading north. South bound traffic will be routed right on US Highway 62/82 (Brownfield Highway).

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