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Consider This... Watering Ban Follow-Up

The news department has a policy in place for correcting mistakes. If the News Director finds an error has occurred, it is corrected immediately. And by definition, that correction is public. And in some cases, we may even owe our viewers an apology.

I think Lubbock City Hall should adopt the same policy, and last week was a good start. In case you missed it, Deputy City Manager Tom Adams issued a public apology for the events that lead up to the current watering ban. Adams went on to basically take the blame for the whole thing and even hinted that moving a major water line during the summer months was a bad idea.

So consider this, nobody's perfect and we don't expect our city government to be. But this mistake is one example of how the decisions they are making down there effect all of us in a big way.

As I said last week, this was a big mistake that could have been avoided. But I must commend Mr. Adams for stepping up. It was certainly refreshing to see.

This watering situation may get worse before it gets better. I hope citizens will do their part and hopefully city hall will get a little smarter in the process.

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Consider This... Watering Ban
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson questions the timing of the mandatory water restrictions.

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