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The Purse Hook: Does It Work?

This may be the diamond in the rough you've been looking for.

It's called the Purse Hook and you get two in your package.  The base of the hook has a velvet non-slip back, so it will sit wherever you put it in place.  In your package, you get one in gold and one in silver and they are portable.  Because that is when you will need this product the most; on the go!

This product promises its hook can keep your handbag off dirty floors.  For $10, Does It Work?

This is how it works: you put it on the edge of the table that you're sitting next to.  Once I did that, the hook appeared to be a little wobbly. But when I took my purse, and filled it with heavy items, my doubts were put at ease.  

When I put the purse on the hook, it did not wobble any more.  The product says the hook can hold up to 35 pounds.  My purse was heavy and close to that weight.

What was really fascinating is that the hook held the purse in place and it kept it off the floor.  This is a product I'll definitely be carrying around, because I think it works!

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