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Part Of Slide Road Now Closed For Pipeline Construction

Rain seems to be ruining the race to reconnect Lubbock's water supply.  Crews planned to close part of Slide Road Wednesday morning, to speed up the process, but down pours overnight stopped that from happening.

Workers closed the intersection of Slide and 34th Street late Wednesday night.  They did lose a day of work on a project that should allow the city to ease up on restrictions, but right now, the problem is too much water in all the wrong places.

While crews work 16 hour days to get water running below the streets, it seems water won't quit falling from the sky.

"We've seen a really active pattern in terms of a lot of storm systems over Texas. So far this year, we're about ten inches above normal," Brian LaMarre from the National Weather Service in Lubbock said. 

The downpours are keeping Lubbock's sprinkler systems dry.

"We thought we'd be through with this months ago. One thing after another, whether it be change order by TxDOT, or whether it was discoveries by us that our water lines were in different places, or whether it's five inches of rain in April, another five inches in May, all of these things kind of added up on us," Mayor David Miller said. 

Folks in town have different opinions on the city's current water restrictions.

"Well, I think they're a necessity so we can get the pipe put in," one resident said. 

"I think the people at City Hall need to get together and do a little bit more planning, a little better planning," another resident added. 

Most agree, though, it's ironic that what's stopping Lubbock from lifting the watering ban is in part due to water.

"Yes it's weird," one resident said. 

"Because there for a few weeks, I still thought it was Spring," another resident added. 

Crews had hoped to finish work underneath Slide by late next week.  There's no word if Wednesday's delay will affect that timeline.

NewsChannel 11 is continuing to watch Lubbock's water use.  Tuesday, the city used 30.5-million gallons of water.  That's only five million gallons away from the limit.  Lubbock must use less than 35 million gallons of water per day to avoid having to boil water.

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