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Water Restrictions Could Soon Be Lifted

The city's effort to conserve water takes a hit, but overall city leaders still believe water restrictions could be lifted as early as Monday.

Thursday afternoon, an old cast iron pipe broke, causing a water leak. Crews were able to shut off the water within an hour. However, a crew leader tells NewsChannel 11 that at one point water was gushing so fast that they were losing 500-gallons per minute.

He estimates a 25,000 gallon loss or less Thursday.

And while they still don't know what caused the break, except possibly age and wear, they say the overall effort to conserve water in Lubbock has been successful so far.

Code enforcement officers say they are only issuing about 25 warnings a day to people not complying with the city's water restrictions, and no one has actually been issued a formal citation.

City officials say if residents continue to cooperate, water will be back on their lawns sooner rather than later.

"We greatly appreciate all the citizens helping with this. We could not have made it through without their cooperation," City of Lubbock Deputy City Manager Tom Adams said.

Aside from the occasional rule breakers such as Courtyards by the Lake Apartments whom NewsChannel 11 caught watering not only their property but the street as well Wednesday night, most homeowners and businesses are playing by the rules.

Evidence can be seen in the numbers. On Tuesday, the city used 30.5 million gallons of water. Wednesday those numbers dropped to 25.8 million gallons of water, keeping Lubbock well below the 35 million mark, which if surpassed, would result in residents having to boil their water.

At this time last year, the City of Lubbock was using close to 70 million gallons of water a day, proof that for the most part, homeowners and businesses are taking one for the team.

With those winning numbers, the city is working on a new game plan.

"The first step would be as we start, it won't be for twice a week watering, but it will be for once a week for yards using automated or sprinkling systems," Adams said.

Adams tells NewsChannel 11 the restrictions would only be lifted in parts of the city where water is more readily available. He hopes, by the end of next week, most homeowners will be allowed to water their lawn at least once a week.

As for the apartment complex NewsChannel 11 caught watering their property, management said they did not know their sprinklers were running and they have turned the timers off.

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