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Lubbock Soldier Home After Second Tour Of Duty

As the US Military is reporting the deaths of 15 American Troops killed while serving in Iraq over the last 2 days, one Lubbock soldier is finally home. This comes after serving a year-and-half in Iraq.

Sgt. Nicholas Ervin is no stranger to homecomings. Thursday, he arrived home from his second tour of duty, which his wife and family tell NewsChannel 11 is much sweeter than the first.

The Ervin family's final minutes of a year and a half worth of waiting couldn't come fast enough. 

"Where is he," said Jennifer Ervin, as she was awaiting her husband's arrival.

Yet, the welcome home sign, balloons and hugs would have to wait a few minutes longer.

"He always sits at the back of the plane," added Ervin.

"They called me telling me he was making it home and I was so glad he made it home safely," says John Ervin, Nicholas's brother.

Sgt. Nicholas Ervin spent 4 years in the army before getting out.

"The first time is chancing it. The second time is always scary because you been through it once," says Ervin.

That second time came just two days after Christmas of 2005.

Ervin says, "I remember him shaking open the letter. I remember the dinner we were making. It was never finished. I remember telling our parents."

Finally, the moment the Ervin family has been waiting for.

"He's not wearing his uniform, I love you" says Ervin. 

A welcome homecoming for a man who's spent the last year-and-half in Iraq.

Nicholas Ervin says, "It's a lot different than of what you see on TV, what's really going on over there. It is not quite as bad in some places as it is in others, some just more attention."

However, on Thursday in Lubbock, Ervin received a big welcome home.

"I'm surprised, I had no idea this would happen," say Ervin.

"You had to know we'd be up to something," adds his wife Jennifer Ervin.

Ervin plans to spend the coming days relaxing and easing back into civilian life, and at the top of his to do list is, drink an ice-cold Dr Pepper.

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