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Last Albertsons To Leave Hub City

As NewChannel 11 first told you, the Albertsons store at South Loop 289 and Slide Road will close in August.

This announcement comes just 3 months after their location at 50th and Indiana shut down. NewsChannel 11 has learned come the first week of August the fourth and final Alberstons will leave the Hub City.

"I'm very surprised. I knew other stores had closed but I was really hoping that this one would keep going," said Janet Miles, a regular at the South Loop and Slide Road Albertsons store.

Albertsons media contact Jennifer Vroman tells NewsChannel 11 the 6524 Slide Road store had been struggling financially for a while, so corporate decided to close it.

This is an unhappy thought for faithful shopper Alice Bell.

"I don't live very far away. You know I kinda hate to see them close," says Bell.

Yet some say this closure comes as no surprise.

Shopper Jason Northrup says, "Theie other store closed a few months ago and United is a big store in Lubbock, so it seemed like a matter of time."

But with the doors closing about 100 Alberstons employees stand to lose their jobs.

"I've got a family member that works here, so probably lose their job," says shopper Natalie Ward.

Vroman says there are no transfer opportunities for employees unless their willing to move from Lubbock. In addition, if that is the case, she tells us humans resources will assist.

Still Bell says it's hard to believe her local supermarket will soon be no more. 

"I knew the others in town had closed, but you're never quite ready for a business to go out," adds Bell.

The closing of this store marks the 4th to leave the Hub City in a decade. As you may remember, the store at 4th and University closed in November of 1997. Another closing did not follow until March of 2005, when the 4th and Slide store shut down. Most recently, the store on 50th and Indiana put up closed signs March 11.

Again, Alberstons at the South Loop and Slide is expected to close the first week of August. At this time, there is no word on what company may fill the Alberstons building. Jobs
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