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Water Restrictions Lifted In Certain Parts of the City

The sprinklers are back on Monday evening in one section of Lubbock, and by the end of the week, restrictions could be lifted in other parts of the city as well.

For now, everyone East of I27 now has permission to water their lawns once a week and residents NewsChannel 11 spoke with Monday were quick to take action.

For the first time in weeks Baylor Braziel is giving his yard a proper soaking, but Lubbock's mandatory water restrictions really didn't cost him or his yard.

"We haven't watered anything. In fact we rarely water due to the price we have to pay for it so the rain has been very helpful," say Claudine and Baylor Braziel.

Fellow East side resident R. J. Givens agrees, but he's glad to now have the option.

"There's a lot of people happy that have sprinkler systems that have been unable to water their yards, I'm sure they'll be happy," says Givens.

If you live East of I27, you can water your lawn once a week. But those not in that area, will see their restrictions ease soon.

"If, this week, everyone will be patient and wait for their zone to come we've divided city up into seven zones," says Aubrey Spear, the Assistant Director of Water Utilities.

The lift on restrictions is due to the recent installation of a temporary eight inch bypass water line at 34th Street West of Bangor, which is pumping up to three million gallons of water a day into Southwest Lubbock.

"We fully anticipate the 30 inch line that is the main artery to Southwest Lubbock will be in place by the end of the month," says Spear.

With more water being pumped into the Southwest side of town, the city can now use up to 37 million gallons of water a day instead of the previously allotted 35 million.

"At this time we still need the cooperation of the people here in the city, particularly citizens of Southwest Lubbock," says Spear.

Of course cooperating is an easy task when Mother Nature is on your side.

"Nature did it, we didn't," say the Braziels.

The city plans to announce Wednesday the next section of town that can begin watering once a week.

Monday the city also announced that businesses or individuals affected by the water restrictions, such as landscape companies, can complete a variance request form and the city will consider easing restrictions for them. You can pick up that application at 402 Municipal Drive or call 775-2585.

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