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Council To Decide Cameras' Fates

A proposal before the Lubbock City Council Tuesday would put the brakes on all red light cameras, and NewsChannel 11 has learned at least two council members plan to vote yes.

We first told you last week that Councilman John Leonard planned to place a resolution on Tuesday's agenda to remove the cameras.  Leonard still supports the measure, and newly elected councilman Todd Klein tells NewsChannel 11 he'll vote to remove the cameras as well.

Unconstitutional, untimely, and unwanted, these are just a few of the reasons Leonard says red light cameras have to go. 

In his resolution, Leonard writes the primary intent of red light cameras is revenue, not safety, and if the State of Texas deemed this a safety issue, the state would have provided criminal penalties for violators.

Leonard also writes the state has substantially changed red light camera enforcement by capping fines, cutting revenue, and mandating how cities use what's left.  Under the current contract, Lubbock can cancel its agreement for that reason.

In section 6.1 of Lubbock's contract with American Traffic Solutions it states: either party shall have the right to terminate if state or local statutes are amended to prohibit or substantially change the operation of red light enforcement systems.

The contract further states that termination under section 6.1 would relieve Lubbock of any further payment obligations, other than some specific payments outlined within the agreement.

The contractor would immediately stop services, and the city would immediately stop using services.  The contractor would also remove already installed equipment and restore areas to their original condition without costs to the city.

Councilman Floyd Price tells NewsChannel 11 he still has to review the resolution before making a decision.

We were unable to reach council members Gilbreath, DeLeon and Jones.  NewsChannel 11 will be at Tuesday's council meeting to let you know what happens.

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