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Lubbock Loses Soldier To The War On Terror

An American Flag at half staff and a white picket fence. Two great symbols of America during a time of war. But one lowered flag hits close to the heart of Lubbock as one of Lubbock's own is lost.

Ray Davis, father of the fallen said, "When he was in school he would always tell me he wanted to go into the army. He would always tell me he wanted to volunteer."

Proud father Ray Davis, mother Herminia and sisters Becky, Brenda and Margaret last saw their son and brother Sergeant Chris Davis at Christmas.

Ray added, "He came to visit us for about a week or week and a half and then he told me he had to go to California to do some training and then he was headed back to Iraq."

Ever the soldier, no matter the family time, Chris, serving his fourth tour in Iraq was anxious to get back. Based out of Fort Benning, Georgia, Chris started as a tank driver and eventually was promoted to sergeant.

"I told him he should think about it because his friend were out there and he wanted to go back to be with his friends," said Ray.

Chris was a jokester, a kidder. Always the cause of laughter in his family but always focused on the job he signed up for.

Ray said, "When ever he came from the army to visit us he would always be making us laugh and he wouldn't talk too much about where he's been and all this that he was just happy to be home and happy to go back again. That was all he'd talk about... Going back, going back and going back."

Tuesday, just three days after word came from the Army that Chris had fallen in the line of duty to his country, his father remembers the words of his son if the worst every happened.

Ray said, "Once we get over this I think we can do pretty good because he said, dad, don't be made at no body. Don't be mad at my country, don't be mad at the army, don't be mad at the president, I'm doing this on my own. I volunteer. I want to fight for my country. I want to do something for my country."

And something he did - sacrificing it all - for all of us.

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